On-going Thoughts: Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate 12/12 [Final]

Oh endings…

Regardless of how bad a series develops to be, it’s fairly difficult to screw up the ending — most storyboards have a clear beginning, and a clear end, it’s the middle that’s usually met with some ambiguity. Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate did not pull off a perfect ending, but it certainly wasn’t very bad, I have a few complaints about it, but also a few praises.

Perhaps the most prominent relationship in this episode was the ever-so proliferating relationship between Chisato and Oojima; in the previous episodes, they were portrayed as nothing more than close friends, if not, symbiotic partners; but as we saw during this episode, their relationship blossomed into something much more subjective and cohesive, than one more objective, and held by the thin threads of promise. I did like the cheesy declaration of love from Oojima — he placed Chisato above his victory, which he should have, and the ever-so fulfilling ending was an added bonus. But there’s always the argument of Chisato herself; I personally didn’t love her backstory — she used Oojima as a replacement to ameliorate her guilt. It’s not the concept of it that pesters me, but more so the execution, and the scenario — prior to the revealing episode, there really was not a lot of melodrama [which was a pleasant surprise], but after the introduction, the viewers had to emulate what Chisato’s mindset logically is, than what it is [not a lot of details were given, we were made to assume].

There’s also the question of another better heroine. I’m not saying that Chisato isn’t likable, because she is a likable lead, she’s just not the most original, or dynamic characters — the other characters seem to have related with Oojima better, whether it’d be through playful banter, or a seemingly understanding chemistry. Oojima and Chisato’s romantic relationship was probably strained by the ever-so prevalent past between the two; it’s difficult to emulate subjectivity after an objective relationship.

Aside from the relationships, another core aspect, and perhaps the most original facet of Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate was its use of a student-run school. Politics is an incredibly interesting subject; giving power to students seems a bit impractical, perhaps too quixotic, but Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate took the path. I wouldn’t say that the path was bad, but rather, it was a path riddled with holes and mediocre concrete. The concept was executed halfassedly, and at times, it seemed a bit cliche. The discrepancies in strategy/intellect among the key players were also a bit bothering — it was strange to see Oosawa swindled out of an obvious ploy, and Mouri so easily controlled by love [the latter’s a bit more plausible]. It’s a bit hypocritical to feign the position of an objective organization while giving way to the visceral human emotions.

But even more so, was Oojima winning the election. I don’t dislike his character, I just dislike the concept of him winning. As we saw, the elections were essentially a game for the throne; the other competitors were relatively serious [some more so than others]; enter Oojima, who’s essentially a dilettante intent on saving his sentimental club. Him winning seemed a bit out of place considering the accentuation of how much power the president potentially had — the role would have been better suited with any other candidate. He doesn’t have the experience to run a school, and along with that, Shinonome is given the position of vice president — although not a shitty choice [it’s probably best to have someone who knows how to run a school on your side], it undermines her. She’s portrayed as the studious-type, and the objective type [although she’s not quite that]. She essentially lost the guy, and her election.

Concluding Thoughts

But aside from petty complaints like that, I didn’t really have a problem with Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate. I appreciated how it actually kept its “drama” tag, and how it attempted to actually give life to each character. The soundtrack also really shined, but then again, all visual novels have cool soundtracks.

But yeah, that’s Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate. I’ve been a bit preoccupied lately with school, and video games. Predominantly the latter, since WoW’s expansion launched this Tuesday. Needless to say, I’m focused on trying to get to 90, while maintaining my schoolwork. I’m working with inta on getting the Fall Preview out eventually, hopefully before the season starts. But I’m really intent on releasing good content, but I’m also really lazy.

If anybody wants to add me on battle.net, feel free to.

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