Sword Art Online: Halfassed Fishing and Skeletons

Looks similar to Horo.

Whoa, fishing side story.

This was probably one of my favorite chapters during the first volume — I don’t really care [too much] for action, it’s the sentimental interactions that I really like. I really assumed that they would have skipped this, since it could be played off as just another filler arc — it is, but it also offers a perspective on the other players in SAO. It’s also heartwarming with the interactions, and the chemistry between Kirito and Asuna. Anyhow, I doubt there’s a lot of mechanics in this episode, so I’ll scan to see what there is.


Attributes: As players level up, they can allocate their stat points to either strength or dexterity. Axe users, like Egil, would go for strength, while users dependent on speed, like Asuna with her rapier, would level dexterity. Kirito’s a blend of both, although he does level both of them, his personal preferences prioritize dexterity above strength.

Recycled skins k.

«Corridor Crystal»: Normal teleport crystals teleport the user to a chosen city’s teleport gate, while a «Corridor Crystal» opens a teleport gate to any marked location. Given its versatility, it’s an incredibly rare item — it’s dropped by labryinth treasure chests and certain mobs, so, most players do not use them.


Kirito-Asuna Interaction:

“I learned something here, and that was to keep trying and never give up. If we make it back to the real world, I’ll definitely come find Kirito again, and I’ll still like you.”
How many times have I marveled at Asuna’s honest and strong heart? Or maybe mine was just too weak. But even if I was the weak one, it was still all right. I had forgotten for such a long time how comfortable it was to depend on someone else and have them depend on me. I didn’t know how long we would be able to stay here, but at least we were away from the battlefield during this period of time— I let my thoughts wander and concentrated my feelings on the softness and the sweet smell that filled my arms.”

Kirito has come a long way since the pilot episode. He initially ditched Cline because he didn’t want to depend on anybody; he felt responsible for the death of his guild members, and for the deaths of numerous others considering his “beater” status — but now, like Asuna, he has someone to depend on.

“As Asuna pouted in dissatisfaction, I stroked her hair and hoped for this life to continue for a while longer. For Nishida and the other players, we have to return to the front lines at some point. But at least for now- Based on the messages that Egil and Cline had sent me, I knew that they were having a hard time trying to clear the seventy-fifth floor. However, I believed from the bottom of my heart, that the most important thing to me right now was this life with Asuna.”

It’s ironic, perhaps the most important facet of gaming for a player would be to level up, or to clear — Kirito on the other hand, is discarding SAO as a game, but more of a second life. He enjoys spending time with Asuna more than playing the game; however, he’s still met with a lingering obligation. Anyways,  these quotes should adds more onto the haven of this episode — the blatant developments may attenuate it to seem like a filler, but to Kirito, in monologue, it’s incredibly important. Kirito and Asuna sacrifice their visceral want to be together, to help everybody else.

Concluding Thoughts

Looks so damn cool.

Next week’s episode should conclude Sword Art Online’s first arc, ALO should be following.
[Mild, but incredibly vague spoilers below]
It’ll be a little ironic, the most enjoyable part of SAO’s first arc would be the interactions between Kirito and Asuna. In ALO, every other scene with Asuna is aggravating — however, ALO does excel more than SAO in actually developing “gameplay” and “mechanics”. They’re much more cohesive, in-depth, and realistic [better than a linear progression].  I don’t want to give too much away, but in ALO, we’ll see the focus shift away from our main characters — however, this allows us a chance to see how Kirito behaves without Asuna.


After watching it, I realize that they developed much more than the fishing episode. At first, I was a bit irritated — they should have skipped the fishing episode, than adapt it halfassedly [the animation was below par, and they skipped a few occurrings, most prominently, the promises of a real marriage [was recurrent, not a one-time mention]. Anyways, I was impressed by the boss fight, shit was pretty. I’ll add those mechanics in next week’s entry, considering some of the mechanics are best left unknown for now.

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4 Responses to Sword Art Online: Halfassed Fishing and Skeletons

  1. Edlar says:

    The boss fight is probably the only instance where they have managed to outdo the novel. They made the boss here much more formidable with the Reaper crawling around and slashing randomly and players actually freezing up in terror.

  2. Anonymous says:

    So how is SOA going to conclude in the next episode if they are only on the 75th floor? They still have 15 floors to go. Wait, determined don’t answer that. Don’t want spoilers.

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