On-going Thoughts: Arcana Famiglia 9-12/12

Let’s just finish up this anime!

Episode 9

When is Felicita ever worried? She never looks worried!

More of the experiment of what Jolly is doing is revealed! Yay…

So in this episode, we start of with Nova and Liberta showing Felicita her dad. Turns out everyone else is there too and something is wrong with him. He’s been too much work without the group which results him staying in bed. Explains why he hasn’t been in many episodes. Mama says not to worry about it and then later Jolly’s experiment is explain to Felicita. The reason he created the homunculus…the heck? Is to get in contact with the Tarocco. Dante helps with explaining the rest. Papa undone the seal on the Tarocco and got a contract with it. That’s how he got his arcana, the World. However, there was a huge consequence for doing so. The rest of the 22 arcanas that have no host, is surviving from the power of Papa. That’s the reason why he was in bed! Soon or later, he will fall into a coma and die. It is revealed by now that Felicita has yet another arcana power. It is the Wheel of Fourtune. Dante tells her she saved Mama/Sumare with that power. It shows a flashback of 13 years ago of when Papa was suffering from an illness, since Mama had the Judgement power, she used it on her husband to save him. But, she was going to die then. Felicita walks in and saves her by using her Wheel of Fortune without even noticing.


Jolly says that the only reason Papa is holding the Arcana Duello is for someone to support Felicita when he dies. Well, that’s a smart reason for him holding it. I thought he was just being a huge jerk to force her to marry someone.

After a flashback of Papa and Jolly when they got the arcana cards and he used it for the first time, Felicita sees Nova and Liberta training for the Arcan Duello. OH, NOW THEY’RE TRAINING? She looks into their hearts knowing both have no intention of losing so they can set her free. Right before the episode ends, Jolly and Dante talk about Felicita and the Wheel of Fortune. It turns out there are consequences for that too. If she uses it again, SHE LOSES HER MEMORY! Then she ends up in a house and is in a game called Amnesia.

Episode 10

She’s fine guys, nothing to see here.

We start the episode with Papa checking on Felicita while everyone watches. Felicita opens her eyes and Papa asks her if she knows who he is. She tells him “Who are you?” Oh snap, she used the Wheel of Fortune arcana power! I was seriously expecting this in episode 11 or 12! Nova asks why Felicita lost her memory then Elmo visits her. Oh hey kid, I still find your design weird to me. Mama doesn’t tell him though and he’s pissed about that. At night, Liberta spots Nova. Nova says the only reason she’s like that is because she used the Wheel of Fortune power. However, it’s only a deduction. You’re a 100% right though! They talk about how that they’re all family and should be able to help Felicita because of that.

Nova and Liberta in this episode try to get Felicita’s memory back. And of course she does…when Mondo and Jolly come to the rescue.

WHAT THE HELL! Otome based anime my ass at this point. -_-

Episode 11

Be the water Felicita, be the water!

THEY’RE ON A BOAT! THEY’RE ON A BOAT!…Up until Felicita falls off the DAMN BOAT. NICE GOING FELICITA, NICE GOING! Oh, and Nova tries to awaken his parents…Yeah…It doesn’t really work. I kinda expected for it to work since we’re on episode 11 but oh well…just oh frigging well.

Episode 12 – FINALE

As Felicita looks on like she doesn’t give a shit

Because in this anime, the duel can be wrapped up in ONE EPISODE!

And no, I’m not kidding, the duel starts in the finale and ends in the finale. Talk about rushing. So, EVERYONE IS IN THE FIGHT. From Felicita to even Mama. Yeah, she cares more about her daughter than Papa. When Nova and Liberta seem like they’re going to get defeated, they look back on Felicita since they like her now and fight back to win the fight. The two eventually face off and tie because they do a little clash with their arcana powers and knock each other out. Talk about a tease! Felicita fights Papa and wins. After beating him, she extends his life. WOOHOO! Talk about a win win situation. She hugs both Nova and Liberta near the end and thanks them. Her wish is…FOR PAPA TO REMAIN AS PAPA! Papa gladly grants her wish and moves onto the topic of people marrying Felicita. That’s the end of Arcana Famiglia. Yeah, time to make fanfics of what happens next people!

Overall: I expected more out of this anime. Knowing the person who created this anime, he or she..hope it’s a she didn’t want to choose Nova or Liberta or else there will be outrage among fans. JUST LIKE THEY DO WITH PERSON 4 THE ANIMATION! I guess that’s the downside of adapting a game, you can’t choose who the main character will end up with or else you will be killed by a angry mob. The anime was decent enough to keep me watching at least.

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