Magi: Ambition, Hopes and Dreams

Any wish huh? oh the possibilities….that is if this wasn’t Shounen.

But since this is a Shounen its only natural that we have a journey incoming, as the first episode i suppose its only natural that it tells of that journeys starting line.


To start off this journey i suppose i should first go into the type of setting this story has. Magi takes inspiration from “The Arabian Nights” or otherwise known as One Thousand and One Nights. Even if one doesn’t know these stories, names like Aladdin will surely ring a bell from childhood adaptions. Names like Sinbad may also ring a bell, well whether they do or don’t won’t affect your viewing of this story to much, you may just see a few similarities in the characters of this series which Magi uses the Arabian Nights as a basis for.

The current location in the world of Magi has a feudal like rule, where there is a chain of order. This chain is represented by status with the King being at the top followed by the governors, the merchants who deliver their and sell their goods and the slaves and workers who works underneath them all.

Workers would work in what jobs or trade they could manage in hopes of making a living, but if they ever fell into debt or were captured by slaver traders and sold they became Slaves where they were treated as livestock to those in power who gladly monopolized such rights.


Something unique to this setting is the presence of Dungeons, which years ago due to a unknown cause appeared through the world. These Dungeons were said to hold treasures beyond what one could possibly ever imagine and instantly grant fortune and status to anyone who could conquer them.

However countless have gone into said Dungeons only to never return, thus having people mark it as a fools dream. A dream that will only ever remain a dream as the thought of the common people who value what they can grasp over what they believe is beyond their reach.




The main protagonist of this series, a very perverted little kid who loves boobs (well who can blame him, just shows he is ahead of the curve) and who values friendship as shown when he wished for friendship over any possible wish in the world (only in a shounen right? well it makes for a story).

Aladdin in terms of origin is still shown to be very mysterious as he already possesses what is considered the greatest treasure that one can acquire in a dungeon and that is a Djinn metal vessel. Each Dungeon has a powerful Djinn governing over it, thus these vessels are considered the greatest of value since they allow one to tap into their power. The Dungeon Alibaba wishes to enter is called Amon thus peaking Aladdins interest to see if his Djinn Ugo is a friend of his. Aladdin is also shown to have a magic carpet (sounds familiar right?) though how he acquired either the Djinn, the magic carpet or his immense appetite is yet to be seen.

Alibaba is what would be listed as the working class, which while not the lowest status as slavery still not very high up and struggling each and every day to get by. Due to his status Alibaba dreams of better things, these dreams are what fuel him to tolerate the characters of those who are higher and still manages to force a smile.

His dream is to become the richest man in the world, rich enough to buy any country, rich enough to buy all the pleasures any man could desire. Alibaba plans to attain this through the use of dungeons and all the treasures they possess. While one may call this a shallow dream regardless of circumstances since their is that known saying “money can’t buy everything”, it has been shown from the get go that their is more meaning to his dream, which will surely be revealed as the story goes on as the small flashback indicated.

Concluding Thoughts

Well it was a solid opener, as one who read the manga i can say I’m completely satisfied with it. They skipped the opening chapter to the manga but i found this to be a good thing since it didn’t really add anything essential and skipping straight to Alibaba allows one to get into the story that much quicker than “wasting” an episode on Aladdin helping characters of little relevance simply to introduce his powers and character which this episode did anyway. If it stays true to the manga for the parts that are important this has the potential to be the best Shounen of the season, i look forward to seeing more.

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