Little Busters!: Remembering Past Times and Starting New Ones

Thus begins the most controversial adaption of the season, Good luck J.C. Staff

First off i thought i should mention that as great as i heard the source is, i haven’t been able to get to it (Thank you College for being so disagreeable), so my review is from an anime only perspective. For those who are just watching the anime we are in the same spot, for those who saw the source you may be thinking “what the heck” by the end with my speculations and impressions, but well it is what it is, now with that said lets get started.


Ok i think anyone who has kept track of this series can recall how people were flipping their tables upon announcement that J.C. would be doing Little Busters!. The President of Visual Arts even issued a statement in an attempt to calm down the rage saying to trust the “enthusiasm” of J.C. Despite this though speculations still were raised on why KyoAni chose to do shows like Hyouka and Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! instead of Little Busters! leaving us with the result of controversy entering what should have been a positive outlook on a long timed highly anticipated series.

That said i didn’t think the animation was really all that bad, granted it isn’t on par with KyoAni but that said i liked the character designs. Also with a few exceptions the animation flowed smoothy, its a rough initial impression since its just one episode but I’ll give J.C. the benefit of the doubt for now. This may just be due to my optimism, but J.C. has had successful series in Toradora and Bakuman, so one can only hope they animate Little Busters! to that quality instead of the quality of shows like Yumekui Merry, and Tsukihime (which many deny even had an anime).


This series in some ways reminded me of Ano Hana, the concept of friendships of old, and through developments regaining a bit of what was lost through the course of time. Obviously the plots are way different, one episode is more than enough to tell one that, but the recollections and flashbacks reminded me of it. Also the group naming felt similar as well (which is ironic since both group names ended in “Busters” with Little Busters and Super Peace Busters)

Another impression i got is the implications of bitter endings, besides the fact that this is a Key and Jun Maeda series, there is the implication of things being inevitably let go. This is a fact of life that despite its many roads and possibilities it flows in only one direction and even if you want to stand still, time will still flow forward.

Well that said even if there is a pattern of bitterness in Key series, there is always some sliver lining so while i expect a tearjerker i think its safe to assume a overall good ending in the end.



The Main Protagonist of the series, he seems to be the one with the most development in store not only because of his MC status but due to the early indications of importance that the Little Busters! held for him. People who are secluded due to hardship (in this case losing his parents) often value something that feels like an escape to them more than they normally would thus giving an opening to future development regarding this.


Kyousuke is that guy that everyone always follows, many times they don’t know why but they do so anyway. He is the school idol and the one everyone admires. He also seems to maintain a laid back personality as expressed in his impulsive nature, whether this is simply a facade or his true character remains to be seen. Since many times serious characters use a laid back persona to present themselves.


Rin is Kyousuke’s sister, and thus also popular in the school due to her relation of him and for hanging out with a group that sicks out among a crowd. While she appears to love animals or at least cats she seems to be anti social as a counter to it, as shown when she needed a communicator in order to help her greet people. This could possibly be due a event that made her withdraw from most people and seclude herself to animals or it may just be her character.


The strong dude of the series, and also the one who often gets the short end of situations. Him getting screwed over kind of reminded me of Sunohara, the accidental baseball throw brings back memories of the Clannad baseball match also. Though i bring up this comparison i highly doubt there roles will be the same, though the later development of a comedic character into a serious one as was done for Sunohara in After Story may very well be done for Masato as well.


Seems to be the most level headed of the group, doesn’t easily go with things without reason and also seems to have accepted the passage of time referred to earlier the most, as he is the only one who hasn’t committed himself to the Little Busters! baseball team yet. It could simply be that he accepts the present for what it is, but his character this episode made me incline to believe that there is a reason he is reluctant to join in their activities. I do believe he will come around soon enough though.

Concluding Thoughts

Despite many people perhaps being disappointed for J.C. animating this, i can honestly say that as an anime only viewer i enjoyed it. It holds promise especially when considering character development. Also above all things i trust that the source is excellent, i have heard nothing but good things about it. I look forward to future episodes, and developments.

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5 Responses to Little Busters!: Remembering Past Times and Starting New Ones

  1. dashiawia says:

    Pretty much my thoughts exactly so far. The animation doesn’t bother me much; in fact, I think the character designs are quite good. Also, good catch on the AnoHana similarity XD, glad I’m not the only one to notice the resemblance.

    • Well Kyousuke leading them all kinda reminded me of Jinta and also there were the consistent flashbacks, the plots are obviously different but well that stood out to me :P

      As for the animation, its going to be consistently under a microscope, i just hope people can be open minded about it, judge the bad for whats bad but if its good acknowledge it.

      • dashiawia says:

        Pretty much this. Not going to say that animation is a trivial matter, but I honestly don’t think it’s as significant as other aspects such as characters and plot; if a show has mediocre animation but stands out in other areas then one should still be able to appreciate it. Well the good news is LB! will be getting 26 episodes to develop and flesh out its characters/plot, so chances are it will only get better.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Brilliant review mate :)

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