Little Busters!: Changes in an Unchanging World

Thus a new member joins the group

So the slice of life feeling continues and while slow progress is made, the implications behind them should hold further meaning which has yet to be seen.

Animation Part 2

I felt i should touch upon this subject since i heard it countless times this week so doing a little clarifying was something that i thought was best. When watching another J.C. show called Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo the first thing i heard before all else “why does this series have better art than Little Busters!”, and also things like “Why did J.C. invest more in a series no one knows about like Sakurasou over LB!” and well you get the idea.

Now while this isn’t my strongest subject, the info i gathered is something i believe to make sense, so forgive me if i make any incorrect statements. Both anime are made by J.C. Staff, however the sponsors behind them are different. In other words those who are pushing out the cash. Sakurasou simply has more backing, while Little Busters! is backed by Warner Bros which has been said to be offer less. Whether this is true or not remains speculation, but comparisons I’m sure will still be made as the art quality in both episodes continues to differ.

There is also the detail that Madhouse staff is on loan to J.C. for the anime Sakurasou, Madhouse of late has been getting praise for its animation in HunterxHunter so to see a change in the quality of art is to be expected.


I didn’t mention my thoughts on the OP and ED in my first review so i figure I would mention it now (likely will do the same for Magi in the second review). I liked the OP, it had a upbeat feel to it and the song was nice, but like was pointed out to me it has a very warm feeling which is lacking of the bitter implications that the series will surely have if previous works of Key indicate anything. Though that in itself isn’t a bad thing, after all giving to many indications can be a bad thing as was done in the Medaka Box 2 OP recently.


Also liked the ED, the song was good and while less upbeat than the OP, i liked the animation for it, it was very simplistic with the cast running past Riki and the ending with all of them looking at sunrise, but i felt it had a good flow to it.


The comedy continued in this episode mostly thanks to Masato though while overdoing it can sometimes present itself as a problem i felt it was mixed in well, and some scenes were really great (got reminded of Karate Kid in the fly scene). The comedy itself even held progression particularly with Kyousuke. My initial impression of his character was one who used a laid back personality to hide a serious character and uses a impulsive nature to throw people off. This was shown further in this episode in his laid back form of testing a new member and his willingness to do things like a band even after saying they were doing baseball, while i may be looking to much into this i think that Kyousuke has another motive not yet seen in gathering everyone to do what seems to be a random task. Now I’m not calling Kyousuke Aizen or anything but i do think he is pulling strings all the same, granted i doubt it has ill intent.

Rin was also shown to be more secluded than i originally thought, since there are different forms of seclusion. Their are those who talk to everyone or at least a large number of people but not have anyone they really get along with truly, and their is also those who openly don’t get along with anyone and thus it shows, so one is more obvious than the other but in the end they leave the same feeling. For Rin its of the latter kind however as she is viewed as an outcast by her classmates particularly the girls. I still believe its more than just simply shyness, because while her interactions this episode give off the vibe of innocence rather than trauma, there are usually reasons why one is shy, they don’t magically become that way, whether the environment they grow up or whatever. As for Rin it appears she grew up around friends in the Little Busters! so one would think that she wouldn’t be shy or at least not as shy as she currently is, thus leaving me to think her seclusion will be developed further.

In a character driven series, developments in character often connect to plot developments, and this episode the character who left the strongest impression of development was no doubt none other then the MC himself. We learn that Riki has Narcolepsy, which is defined as a chronic sleep disorder which causes people to have sleep attacks at abnormal times. The way it was described though is something i can’t help but feel was symbolic

“I was disconnected from this world”

When connecting to the letter revealing a “secret in the world” i get vibes of time again. The first episode reminded me of Ano Hana because of the acceptance of the flow of time, things change, people change and even if one doesn’t want to move the flow of time will continue flowing regardless. Riki seems to fit in this description as he didn’t find the concept of a secret in the world to be a good one. This fits my initial impression of him, the Little Busters! played the role of savior for him or at least escape during a hard time thus causing him to value it more than he normally would, if this holds true it wouldn’t be so unnatural for him to not want such a feeling to change, for things to remain the same and the pleasant times which he enjoys to never end. The second indicator of this is the Narcolepsy itself and how he describes it. It may be a crude example, but the way it felt is like someone is playing a game and enjoying it and then the power cuts off, its not a pleasant feeling (especially if you are playing Final Fantasy and didn’t get to save…). To Riki Narcolepsy may feel like a forced disconnected, a removal from the world hes come to enjoy so much.



The newest member of the Little Busters! appears to be the common klutz, and like almost all klutz she appears very childish and laid back, not giving much thought to things and simply enjoying her own little world. She is also very clumsy, often being the source of comedy in the episode along with Masato.

While for a completely different reason than Kyousuke, i also believe her klutz personality to be a facade, In terms of how it relates to her desire to join the Little Busters! remains to be seen, though i think its fair to say its not just to play Baseball.

Concluding Thoughts

This episode was very enjoyable for me, it had its mix of slice of life themes and solid comedy while mixing in ominous implications and character development. This show will remain under the microscope, but for now i feel that J.C. is doing a great job, and i look forward to seeing what the implications this episode amount to.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    feels like angel beats

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