Robotics;Notes: An Attenuated Slice of Life; An Accentuated Drama

Gradual developments.

And we were so close to the emoticon omissions too.

As I said during the last episode, the soundtrack to Robotics;Notes doesn’t fit the scenario — its soundtrack is too diverse, too “good” for it to encompass a simple slice-of-life. This episode alleviated the dubious concerns that numerous fans of Steins;Gate and ChaoS;Head had about Robotics;Notes. We can see the numerous parallels between the series, not quite in character or plot, but rather, in structure. All of the series revolve around close character interactions — I’m sure we’ll begin to see our core group expand into one reminiscent of Steins;Gate. But more importantly than that, numerous facets of this still protean polyhedron of a show have been developed.

Essentially a sucker for the piano.

An introduction to a sporadic, “terminal” disease widens the scope for possibilities as a plot device; the enigmas behind numerous characters, including the protagonist reigns to be relatively eminent during this episode. But along with that, an attenuated “seriousness” in this show is made all the more blatant with the soundtrack. Although not blatantly indicative of a specific development, we should pay attention to the small nuances, or seemingly trivial, albeit idiosyncratic peculiarities that the characters do possess. For example, the protagonist is extremely good at playing a specific game, perhaps that’s the result of a temporal status, or perhaps that’s another enigma that has yet to be uncovered.

Concluding Thoughts

I can’t believe I googled if the disease existed.

Enjoyed this episode thoroughly. Although dubious as to its status as being “possible” of “surpassing” the epitome of greatness that is Steins;Gate [obviously objective], it does show to be promising. I wouldn’t say that the first episode insinuated a blatant slice of life, but this episode certainly extenuated those conceptions.

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