Magi: The Requirements of a King

Thus the Dungeon arc comes to a close.

More implications and furthered developments of origin gave closure to one arc only to urge the start of the next one.

Dungeons Part 2

The Dungeons which have been shrouded in mystery since their appearance were given more light in reveals which further establish implications of the history of the worlds setting. The Dungeon could be said to be another world, this is furthered established in the initial impression that they were outside only to realize upon looking around that they were still inside the Dungeon despite the appearance being different from the early parts of the Dungeon. What surrounded them was a lost city which Aladdin said Ugo described as a “necropolis” or a city of the dead, that had not a single living existence residing inside. The city appeared vast as well as it surrounded the center of the Dungeon and its Treasure room.

When questioning the existence of such a city, people should first review the little details know about Dungeons. they suddenly appeared 14 years ago, and fame, glory and fortune was promised to whoever conquered a Dungeon as was shown by the result of the first Dungeon being conquered. The risk however was many times said to be to greater than the reward as more people win the lottery than those who conquer dungeons however unlike the lottery the price of failing is death. The key detail to look at however would be Aladdins reason for desiring to conquer a Dungeon and that would be the Djinn that each Dungeon possesses or rather the Dungeon that each Djinn hold power over. When taking in Djinn’s of unknown power and origin with a lost city that seems to have once held civilization by the structure and appearance of something that one held life, one can question if these Dungeons holds roots to the origins of a time where the world was a much different place than the present setting.


It was a common misunderstanding for some, which was corrected for many last episode, but for those who didn’t catch on to that detail this episode removed all doubt while further explaining the meaning of the word. Magi is indeed a title instead of a name, as Aladdins name is Aladdin while his title is that of a Magi. The namesake of the series was given much detail and meaning which focused on purpose rather than origin (well for now anyway).

The purpose of a Magi is selection, guidance, and management. In possible connection to that past civilization there was once a king said to be supreme as he governed over all people and as implied all Djinns as well, his name was Solomon. The Magi are said to be inheritors of his spirit and as such are given the duty of selecting true kings who will rule and manage the world properly. While forms of ruling are always left to debate thus why our modern world doesn’t have one form of government or established order, however few would argue that for a working society order is indeed needed thus lies the pinnacle of a Magi’s work, the difference between a corrupt king and a rightful one, the Magi is to find these kings and guide them to their prosperous reigns. In Aladdin’s case one could easily connect by now who he has his eyes on for his candidate.


This episode held great character development but perhaps even more so connected implications to start to give way to possible theories and perhaps insight on the structure of the world. Now one may be saying I’m getting ahead of myself because unless i read the manga (which i did) we are just three episodes in, but all the same speculations can still be made and this episode in particular was heavy in foreshadowing (this was made even more clear to me since i did read the manga but still exists regardless if one did or did not read the manga).

The purpose of a Magi was said to be the selection of kings who can properly rule thus the finding and guidance of said king candidates is essential. Despite this the sharif who has easily become a despicable character truly believed that he would be selected to be king, now while one could pass this off as simply his own delusions, the key point is that someone told him of Aladdins arrival beforehand and placed him in a mindset that would effect his entire life. Thus the term “raised” if one was to picture an early antagonist in this series what would one picture? Perhaps to vague and to early right, well how about this then, what is the counter to a Magi’s “proper” duty? There are many ways to go about selection, the term itself is vague, and its in the Magi’s authority to choose whomever they wish thus they could easily choose corruption over order right? Not all seek peace, not all want prosperity either, there are two sides to every coin and the possible choices of a Magi are no different, what they consequences are of those choices only leave further possibilities as well. The very fact that it has been confirmed that there is more than one Magi only leaves open the different directions that a Magi can take as future development which will surely be brought up later on.

As shown before Aladdins flute is a metal vessel which is said to be a container for the power of a Djinn. Amongst all the earnings one could obtain in a Dungeon the power of a Djinn is easily said to be at the top of the list. Each Dungeon has a Djinn lying in the center, in this case the Djinn was Amon, a Djinn of Fire which represents formality and strictness. Considering that there are several Dungeons throughout the world one can only assume that more Djinns of several kinds lie in each one, and to each Dungeon conquered the one chosen among the conquerors (if there is indeed a group like in this example) becomes the owner of said Djinn’s power. This can be shown when they were leaving the Dungeon and Alibaba’s Knife got marked with the same symbol that resided on Aladdins flute. Thus supposedly making Alibaba’s knife a metal vessel and in doing so granting him the power of the Fire Djinn Amon, which will certainly be confirmed later on.



Aladdin was shown to have a more serious side to his usual laid back character, but this of course was to be expected as a Shounen MC. Another similarity would be in reference to values which as most Shounen MCs is that of friendship, represented in his relationship with Alibaba. A difference though is the mixed appliance of knowledge, usually MCs know things and they don’t reveal until later on, or they are complete newbies and they are learning as the readers do while the story progresses. In Aladdins case it is neither one but instead a case of what appears to be memory loss as referring to that he didn’t even know he was a Magi in the first place and has mixed impressions of who he really is.

Because of this uncertainty its only natural he wishes to discover more about himself, which leaves him with his promise to Alibaba to journey together, something which appears to be disrupted by their appearance in different locations after the Dungeon collapsed.


Any impressions that his fighting ability was natural was rendered incorrect this episode, granted natural potential for fighting is one thing but being completely natural is another, the separation of these two things is defined by technique which Alibaba represented in his fighting this episode. The Sharif described it as a Kings stance, to which Alibaba only replied that he thought he had forgotten but his body remembered for him which indicates intense training as its common for the body to remember repeated practice. When connecting his knowledge and his seemingly royal swordsmanship one can only ponder over the possibilities.

As a manga reader i couldn’t help but be excited for the mentioning of Balbadd in this episode as the arc itself is arguably the best in the manga up till its current point, but to obviously not spoil there are further connections that are made to Balbadd that one needs not know anything of the manga to figure out. Of course from dialogue along one can easily describe that Alibaba has connection to such a place but its not if the connection exists that is important but what kind of a connection it is in the first place. The Sharif believed he was chosen to be king, this of course was his delusions but to say one is chosen may not be all that incorrect based on stated facts, when considering Alibaba’s unknown origin and his connection to a Magi, not many could simply brush it off as coincidence thus furthering the implications of selection in reference to a Magi.


As expected Mor had great difficulty in defying her orders, even if she desires freedom the restraints placed on her far exceed that of physical shackles. However despite this she never once showed ruthlessness in character, granted she did throw Alibaba despite his kind offer but she hesitated extremely in killing him. The direction and words given to her by the slave Goltas should loosen the trauma placed over the years by slavery and encourage her to pursue her dream of seeing her homeland but to say her trauma of being a slave is completely gone would be naive.

Concluding Thoughts

The Dungeon arc had many complaints from manga readers that it was rushed, but frankly as i mentioned before it summarized the main details very well, if i had to list one thing that was sacrificed more than the rest it would be the comedy but this in itself is not a big sacrifice considering the serious mood that the arc was suppose to have in the first place. This episode held great character development as well as amazingly well done foreshadowing. I can only look forward to seeing how the rest of the series is adapted.

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