Little Busters!: Remembering the Happiness Which Was Never Truly Forgotten

As you should be, the first arc has just started.

Last episode may have felt a bit slow but this episode picks it back up again by starting a new arc and giving further development while establishing deeper concepts which could be said to make up a fragment of the series itself.


While its been fairly established that Riki values things as they are, for he cherishes the friendships and bonds which he currently maintains and wishes these things to last, it was revealed that Rin may very well wish the opposite. One could simply pass this off as a carefree desire to discover mystery or take a deeper look and want change in the life she currently has, Rin has been shown to be incredibly shy around those she isn’t familiar which, arguably more and more each episode as her scenes increase. So if one was to give the thought that something unfavorable occurred for her become so shy as i mentioned before then its only natural that she may want some form of change or at least new development so she can open herself up more or at least have the opportunity to change direction in certain areas she wishes to change.

The further evidence that she wishes for some change is her desire to communicate with Komari but not being able to do so, thus using Riki as a messenger in her place. There are many form of loners in this world but few choose this out of choice, it is human nature to seek comfort and more times than not people find such a feeling in the company of those they feel they can relate with thus forming relationships of varying kinds. Rin may be shy and awkward but i think its safe to say she wishes she wasn’t.

While developments were spread out, just as the arc indicates the most development without a doubt went towards Komari. The first development would likely be said to be her foundation or the basis for her character. The Happiness Spiral theory as broken down is the concept that if you make others happy you in turn will be happy from their happiness. A very optimistic theory to say the least, but it holds some truth all the same. Happiness in itself can be a very hard thing to grasp as while anyone with a dictionary can define it, actually connecting it to real life is a different matter as it requires perception and gauging of the value of things in reference to how one feels in relation to them.

However if one is able to grasp the concept of happiness through the personalized filter called “me” since happiness varies from person to person then one could look at Komari’s theory and say that the form of happiness that she is referring to is self satisfaction. I made said person happy, thus i’m happy that i was able to do so. The positive feeling of believing that happiness can be shared, which in a sense holds truth.

The second development held a more serious tone then than the Happiness theory. While i without a doubt believe that there are reasons for her optimistic theory which may very well hold serious tone later as of now the serious implication of development would be in relation to memory. She dreams of a brother that she can’t recall and can’t see outside of her dreams. This in itself can hold personal conflict. Gaps in memory never feel good, some laid back people may not be as conflicted as those who take such things more seriously, but the strain of trying to remember something to no avail can only bring depression, since you feel as if you lost a piece of yourself especially if you feel that what you forgot was important.

This brother in question always tells her a story in her dream but when she wakes up she can only vaguely recall it thus upon researching the topic further she was able to find the story in question. The story could be described as elementary as its rather simplistic but also could be said to be symbolic as it portrays a loop which could be said to be never ending if not given the eventual kid like happy ending where the memories finally return. While there are various forms of loops, and repetitions, the one in question here relates to the repetition of forgetting. The mind carries a large amount of information to say the least, however it naturally forgets things deemed unimportant as to not overload (kind of like Index in Toaru Majustu no Index), this however is natural and not a major concern, the concern when relating to Komari is the consistent repetition of forgetting her so called brother. The mind tends to remember things when there are references or reminders that are given or suddenly occur, so its fair to say that more times than not someone will eventually remember important details but in Komari’s case she is stuck in a loop of forgetting something she feels she should have never forgotten in the first place.

The last key development would be the brief yet meaningful introduction of the character named Kojirou Kamikita who is a old man at the retirement home the Little Busters! visit. He could be said to be the disagreeable stubborn type who doesn’t like things being changed in any way thus does things in his own manner and doesn’t want people meddling in said matters as was shown in his initial reaction to anyone who opens his door.

The key implication here though lies with his name which seems to hold relation with Komari, possibly making him her grandfather thus easily implying he knows the information she desires. Though as shown by him telling Riki to not let Komari see him it is obvious he doesn’t wish to share this information, which could lead someone to believe that knowing such info has its consequences and considering the nature of Key’s works its likely going to be depressing information as well.



The new character is cute to say the least, and while little was shown of her as the focus of the episode was Komari a little detail was given all the same. She appears to be of mixed heritage but mostly foreign, and due to this she struggles with her Engrish to match the role.

Concluding Thoughts

A improvement over the last episode with solid character development and further establishment of values in terms of relation to the characters and their progression. As mentioned before its safe to say that the arc will have bitter parts one way or another and i see it lasting 2-3 episodes, though this is simply a guess based on how much is left to be answered as I’m an anime only viewer, well either way i look forward to it.

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4 Responses to Little Busters!: Remembering the Happiness Which Was Never Truly Forgotten

  1. Andmeuths says:

    My biggest problem is that the VAs sound like they have a horrific case of flu. It makes listening to the likes of Komari almost unbearable.

    • Well i didn’t think they were that bad, but in fairness I’m usually lenient on such things, more often giving compliments for VAs that i think are great rather than criticizing VAs that i think are bad.

  2. elior1 says:

    you right it going to be 2 more episodes beside that one becouse there is some importend and sad events that going to happen soon

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