Robotics;Notes: Proclivities to Demographics and Alternate Realities

I don’t recall monolithic cartridges in 2010.

Then you’d have conformed to every aspect of your character archetype.

I feel that the humor in Robotics;Notes is specially made to tailor to people like me; practically, I should be offended that I’m essentially being homogenized into a generic mass. Yet, I can’t help but laugh at the cheap, easy jokes. The introduction of the Frau is perhaps an emphasized version of Kurisu from Steins;Gate; she’s Kurisu’s geek side, just not as kawaii and shit. But, her character’s still relatively protean; we can’t write her off as being a generic medium of “fan service” [to the geeks]. When prodded with questions, she had a penchant to retort with generic internet lingo; it could insinuate the development of a feigned facade.

What was more surprising about the episode wasn’t the recurrent propensity for the show to tailor towards a specific demographic, but the protagonist’s ready consent to quickly offer the details of the ordeal. I characterized him as being protective; I expected the details of the occasion to be hermetic, not readily given after mild prodding. Nevertheless, we were offered an abridged version of the occurring; there’s still a relatively blatant veil of ambiguity as to what happens. As predicted, the current prognosis seems to insinuate that both he and Akiho have the diseases; but one of them appears to have “control” over it [as shown with his recalling of actually using the “power”; Akiho’s condition, as emphasized by a previous episode, seemed less inclined to be “on purpose” and more “of a victim”]. His also seems to revolve around the slowing of time, while Akiho’s, the speeding of time; we can assume that further progression will be made, and she’ll be able to aptly use her powers in a way similar to him, or, she’ll remain helpless [which isn’t entirely bad; look at Steins;Gate with a certain character].

Underneath the blatant interactions, the ominous ending seems to be the nascent arising of a possible motif in Robotics;Notes — so far, we’ve established the notion of “time control”; yet, this idea is far too similar to Steins;Gate [although far from a carbon copy] — we can assume for Robotics;Notes to be much more original than that. If I were to make a mercurial guess, I’d presume the motif to revolve around alternate dimensions [in a way comparable to Chaos;Head — perhaps Robotics;Notes will be an amalgamation of its predecessors, or perhaps it’ll shift]. The “real” or “visible” world appears to be the world seen by the naked eye; the more enigmatic world seems to be seen through digital lenses. It’s still a little to vague as to the most recent development [keep in mind, it quickly shifted from his retelling of the incident -> that scene; we do not know what occurs in between].

Concluding Thoughts

Robotics;Notes follows its pattern of developing its characters to suit the proclivities of a certain demographic [essentially the gamer/geek type]. It’s not necessarily bad; but I do hope it doesn’t become obnoxious. Steins;Gate was great in that it only exhibited Kurisu’s geeky traits during the comedic, slice of life moments, and not as a recurrent staple for the storyline. Studios tend to stick with what sells, but I do hope that it’s not as bad as it seems.

There’s still that enigma of the red bun. I can’t tell whether it’s a playful development, or a meaningful one. It could be a jab at awful cooking creativity, or it could be an integral component into him controlling his powers [extreme, but we can’t rule anything out — S;G and C;H made simple developments meaningful, much like a mystery series].

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