PSA: On the Subject of Fan Service

Fan service is an inevitable element of numerous series — virtually every modern-day anime has it. Of course, there are a few aberrations, but aside from that, it’s a recurrent feature in most new series.

There’s a difference between making fun of a series because it has fan service, and making fun of a series because it revolves around fan service. Let’s focus this PSA around two of the more eminent series this Summer/Fall season: Sword Art Online, and Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne.

Let’s present the simplest, exaggerated argument.

Sword Art Online isn’t very economical with fan service. It began with blatant ass shots, but it’s transgressed into blatant shower scenes. This must make Sword Art Online an incredibly mediocre show because it appeals to its demographic [wake up sheeple!]. The fan service, which takes up a significant amount of screen time at 164.74% [], completely attenuates the seriousness of the show. After watching the most recent blunders with Suguha showering, I essentially forgot half the characterization of Sword Art Online and instead expected sporadic tentacles to pop up to turn SAO into a family-orientated hentai.

As with Onii-chan, it doesn’t hesitate in being blatantly labeled as a harem and an ecchi series; the fan service is expected. The intimate shower scenes insinuating an imminent incestuous embrace accentuated the author’s belief that showers serve as catalysts for constructive romances. It’s most likely better than Sword Art Online because my erection to flaccid ratio is much higher [I judge all my shows with an equation that takes into consideration my erect:flaccid and my nude:clothed ratio].

As to the hypothetical, satirical arguments, there is a difference between making fun of a show that has fan service, and making fun of a show because it revolves around fan service. Sword Art Online has recurrent fan service; don’t be an idiot by denying that. Fan service doesn’t automatically make a show bad; it simply has fan service, nothing more, nothing less. Affirm that it does exist.

Onii-chan has recurrent fan service; don’t be an idiot by trying to justify that. The same goes for SAO. Onii-chan is crafted to revolve around fan service, its tags and synopsis basically go: “it’s an ecchi harem.” Sword Art Online, although not quite an ecchi series, has it. It doesn’t hinder the development of the storyline. It’s even faithful to the light novel. It’s not bad, it’s just there [don’t be an iconoclast by spewing something ridiculously ludicrous like “the fan service demeans women”]. .

There’s been a recurrent asininity on numerous forums revolving around whether Sword Art Online is a fan-service anime. Sword Art Online is as much of an ecchi series as Onii-chan is a realistic romance series. There’s no point in defending something ridiculous [by saying SAO has no fan service]; and there’s no point on condemning something because it has it [Onii-chan blatantly says it’s an incest ecchi; it’s like drinking a bottle labeled acidic shit, and expecting a pleasant taste].

I do hope that this diatribe was a reiteration of common sense to the reader. There shouldn’t be silly arguments to require this post in the first place. Making fun of an ecchi show because it has fan service is as constructive as making fun of a school-centric slice of life for not having enough violence.

Sword Art Online has fan service. But more than that, it has meaningful characterizations and an in-depth system of mechanics. Every development occurs for a reason, and the author excels at tying in past developments with future ones, and vice versa [light novel].

Onii-chan’s arguably obscene, but it’s probably comedic and braindead enjoyment. It’s not a show that’s meant to revolve around a mature view on incest. It’s meant to be a silly show to dick around with. If you dislike it, spare the general audience the vitriol; it simply doesn’t appeal to you. A show’s demographic is not entirely linear; you’ll like developments, and you’ll dislike developments. Watch the show if the ratio between “good developments” and “bad developments” is favorable to you; otherwise, just don’t watch it.

*Has never watched Onii-chan and is being a pretentious tool in assuming the integrity of the show.

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