Little Busters!: Wishing Upon a Distant Dream

If only wishing three times was all it took.

Tragic implications with further developments make good transition for what appears to be nearing the climax of the arc.


To say all cheerful people are merely putting up facades to hide away tragic pasts and experiences would be an exaggeration as their are people who are naturally laid back and even take such experiences lighter than others because they believe such things to be part of life thus they are more accepting of something that may break a weaker person who questions why such things must happen. This being said i feel more and more as her character appears that Komari’s cheerfulness and even her Happiness Theory act as a intermediate to avoid the pain of seemingly losing her brother, one could even go as far as to guess that she forgot herself due to the pain and that it provided a self defense mechanism to prevent herself from feeling such depression thus her mind rejected the memory.

While it played a small role to say the least in this episode as this is Komari’s arc something that did catch my eye was the small scene in the beginning with Rin. Rin has already been shown to be shy, this is nothing new but her shyness seems to disappear around Riki, of course this could be said of any of the Little Busters! and not surprisingly so either as its natural to feel comfortable around those you have known for a long time, but due to some recent scenes and also the tendencies MCs have in these scenarios i can’t help but feel that Riki plays a different role in her mind rather than just another member of the Little Busters!. As her character develops i expect her interactions with Riki to increase, but It may just be misplaced ignorance on my part.

Riki has shown to be satisfied with his current life and doesn’t want his life to change while as noted in my previous post Rin may very well be the opposite and desire change from her shy current self, but from what it appears in Komari’s implication it seems that Riki may be too satisfied with his current life thus making his view narrow minded. When one believes they are happy they generally don’t notice as much as when they are not, this is because they feel that they have all they need or at the very least are satisfied with what they currently have and don’t feel the need to bother with more.

This in itself may hold a bit of irony as she herself may be represented in her own statement. Komari appears to notice all the happiness around her and smiles all the time but at the same time she may not be really be looking at everything as she appears to. It deals with the concept of happiness as a facade for me. She could very well be a naturally cheerful person, but this cheerful personality could have been used to block out her pain thus making her viewing of happy experiences more of a necessity rather than a desire.

Her seemingly need to circulate the concept of happiness in her mind to block out painful memories is more or less supported by her reaction to what appeared to be a dead cat. Death itself could easily be said to trigger to a lost memory in relation to death but besides the similarity of death their is also the concept of it, thus her words “not moving”, she more or less fabricates a viewing of the world where everything is happy as to avoid such ways of thinking, its a unpleasant thought to say the least but it something everyone faces everyday. She likely attempts to avoid such things more than the average person due to what implied trauma is indication in what appears to be the passing of her brother.

Her asking Riki to be her new brother was passed off lightly but i believe she actually meant it to a degree, its natural after all to want to fill a void, if its right or wrong or not is a entirely different story as many hold the belief that such things can never be replaced but such is the nature of those who feel they got pushed into a corner which Komari may very well feel on a emotional level. To have a facade takes more of a toll than to be yourself because you are basically acting to fool others and in some cases even yourself, and it seems she herself is even aware of this just as she was always aware of what truly happened to brother, all she needed was a trigger to remember it.



As this is her arc its only natural she gets more development. While i mentioned most of the development i noticed already, something to add would be her desire to know what she unconsciously forget to avoid pain. Its natural to want to remember what one forgot and its also reasonable to expect that people block out certain memories without noticing, especially in relation to children, however this follows a relevantly known saying granted a creepy one. “When you can see them, they can see you” in other words she looks for her memories but upon remembering them she suffers the consequences of feeling the pain she long hid away. Perhaps a case of ignorance is bliss, it all depends on one’s view point, if the memories are worth the pain or they aren’t.

Concluding Thoughts

Great episode, very well done transition which sets up what may be the finale of Komari’s arc nicely, It gives out the question if remembering painful memories is worth it in the end, sure you may feel a sense of emptiness but do the memories hold value of importance or is it best to forget and move on forward without them. It differs from scenario to scenario and person to person but one way or another I’m sure we will see Komari’s answer which in all likelihood will be that they are indeed worth the pain of remembering if patterns in these series given any indication. I look forward to seeing how the missing pieces are filled in because while this episode gave plenty of implications there are certain things that can only be guessed at till they revealed.

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