Magi: The Cost of Direction

Thus concludes the Kouga arc

Sacrifices were made but closure was given, making way for development and future implications in its place.

Rukh Part 2

Rukh was described as the embodiments of the never ending flow of life, and now was given further detail as to exactly what that means. If given an example it could be said to be the well known concept of the circle of life, the Rukh would be the flow of this life and natural occurrences that occur throughout the world would be due to the Rukh.

As Elder Baba said, all living things are singular in nature, Rukh is simply the collective masses of these singular existences as they merge together to create the flow of life as they pass on, just as Elder Baba did upon dying, enabling her to communicate with Aladdin despite this since he is a Magi.

As a Magi, Aladdin has the power to completely control this flow allowing him to have an infinite amount of Magoi at his disposal (though his use of the Magoi is another thing all together, this is Shounen after all, can’t have the MC being flawless from the get go). Since Magi’s have such control over the flow of Rukh and the manipulation of and use of Magoi which is lent to them through the flow of Rukh their job is to provide guidance, as stated before to seek king candidates to govern the masses of people and provide prosperity or calamity, all depending on the flow or order the Magi values.

Dungeon Capturer

As shown in the Dungeon arc, Dungeons are places which hold glory for those who conquer them due to the riches and magical items one may acquire and of course the power of a Djinn which governs each Dungeon. As implied before and confirmed now, the Djinn who governs the then conquered Dungeon forms a contract with the one he/she feels is worthy of utilizing their power, this being done by using a metal vessel (as shown with Alibaba’s knife, Aladdin’s flute, and Hakuei’s fan) as a catalyst to manipulate the Magoi of a Djinn and use it as a weapon. This Magoi however ranges from person to person, because while the power itself comes from a Djinn who holds considerable power the capabilities of the Dungeon Capturer vary as surely each person’s capacity for Magoi is different as shown when Hakuei was running low on Magoi and eventually ran out completely, others may have been able to fight longer or possibly run out sooner, it depends on the individual person.

Anybody who captures a dungeon may be bestowed a household vessel user [although it is not always the case, as with Alibaba]. A household vessel user acts as a vassal which utilizes more power as a supporting role.The power of a household vessel is obviously more limited then the original metal vessel used by the Dungeon capturer but still can provide support while the Dungeon capturer manifests power, in Hakuei’s case equipping the power itself on her own body and in a sense becoming a mini Djinn (granted with a much smaller capacity to use said power as mentioned before).

As Magi’s have to select kings candidates and guide them on their individual paths, the ones they tend to select from are those with power, and by the indication of the flow of Rukh, those who destined for such power, meaning Alibaba was destined to meet Aladdin just as he was destined to conquer Amon’s dungeon and become a Dungeon capturer. The concept of Destiny in correspondence with Rukh will surely be evaluated later on but something to keep in mind is Aladdin’s words concerning that he found his true self because he went to the Kouga village. Not all dungeon capturers become king candidates, but the very fact that they conquered a Dungeon means that they are nominated to be one. This was shown in the case of the second Magi who wanted Hakuei’s brother Hakuryuu who had a small appearance go conquer a dungeon so he can become emperor thus implying he would rather guide Hakuryuu over the old emperor.


The seeds of conflict which were shown last episode had common roots, one could even say predictable ones, and of this being the human flaw of jealousy and the greed of power. It may be a pessimistic way to look at human nature, but in many cases people envy those who succeed more than them, it could be even argued that all humans are this way and some are just more aware of it then others and of course the reactions to said feelings always differ from person to person. In the case of the corrupt Ryosai he felt that a daughter not even of the current emperor but the last emperor stole what was rightfully his and that her concept of peace was naive thus found it amusing to destroy such beliefs.

While the methods of course vary, many times people seek to make people see their way of things, after all people feel most comfortable around those of similiar thinking, as it provides a similarity that one may feel they can depend and relate on. Sometimes however people skip the idea of conversion and proceed to the twisted concept of elimination, the idea of “if your not with me your against me”. It shows up many times in our society today, its why conflicts exist in the first place because different mindsets tend to clash and in a world filled with desires to obtain desires many times people take drastic actions thus causing conflict. Ryosai couldn’t relate with Hakuei so instead of trying to understand or convert her to his way of thinking (which wouldn’t have worked in this case anyway considering Hakuei’s personality) he chose the “my way of thinking is the only way” thus finding amusement in what he believes to be hypocritical ideals that he likes to see crushed, a sadistic stance to say the least.

The Djinn’s were given more clarity as shown that Aladdin is the exception instead of the rule when referring to his summoning of Ugo. Dungeon Capturers who are contracted with a Djinn can’t manifest the Djinn themselves because it requires to much Magoi, thus it exceeds their capacity, instead they can at best use their metal vessels as a catalyst for combat and as shown with Hakuei who caused tornadoes with it (in Alibaba’s case due to Amon it would be fire as shown in the OP). Aladdin however is a Magi thus he can control the flow of Rukh and thus borrow from its immense power giving him more than enough to manifest a Magi, tho that said his personal capacity is still his own, for example think of it like having a huge amount of money in your bank account but only able to carry a set amount of money with you at any said time.

In the concept of Rukh, coincidence doesn’t happen, thus the relation of fate and pre destination, everything has a set course, the flow of the Rukh causes the natural occurrences of the world and guides the people in, and as a Magi Aladdin manages this flow, but just because Aladdin is one of the few who can manipulate this flow it doesn’t mean the rest of the people aren’t a part of it, its as was referred earlier a bunch of singular existences guided by the collective hold of those pass away to form the flow of Rukh, a flow which Elder Baba joined when she died. In this sense it is most similiar to the circle of life. Just like in real life however, the viewing of unfair fates will always come into play, their will be those who accept events for what they are and say everything happens for a reason and their will be those who argue against such concepts saying it isn’t fair and that they weren’t given a fair chance. This is seen in our modern day with religious debates.

There are some who say all people are born equal, but this is clearly naive and mistaken, because while all people should be treated equally regardless of race, gender, etc all people are born differently, in different statuses and in different talents. The selection of Magi is connected to exactly this, its because they can see the flow that they invest in certain people who they believe have a strong destiny and character. Of course in terms of character its related to whatever course the Magi wishes to guide, in this episodes case if one wanted calamity they would have chosen Ryosai, if one wanted peace one would have chosen Hakuei, its the difference in path divided by the differences in beliefs and thus the creation of inevitable conflict which could be said to a norm in Shounen series as seeds of conflict, reasons to fight are always needed.



Aladdin was shown to be one who wanted to discover himself, and while he clearly doesn’t have all the answers (the series is still ongoing after all) he found a key component to give him the patience to seek out such answers, this being the flow of Rukh and guidance it provides, the core to the belief that he will be able to discover himself in due time, thus not making it a matter of if but when. Thus while the cost was high in someone who treated him like family for the first time in Elder Baba, he was able to obtain the direction he always desired.

Concluding Thoughts

Great episode and conclusion, and i was actually surprised in a good way. I thought they would censor Paimon for obvious reasons but in the end they didn’t, they added Hakuei’s transformation but this in itself is canon since the author drew the design for the transformation. The episode introduced key elements while providing fruit for thought on what stance one takes went in relation to such concepts of fate, as fate itself is a aspect that can be related to our own lives, whether one believes in it or not is a matter entirely on its on, but in relation to the series where such a flow does exist it brings up the question if one would question such a flow or accept it.

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