Robotics;Notes: Predictions & Structure

Time for structure analysis & predictions.

Everything written is pure theory. I’ve only seen the anime of Robotics;Notes. Everything said is logical at the time of writing it; I’m sure most of it is incorrect, they’re based off half-assed hunches due to the structure of the show.

In this episode of Robotics;Notes, we see the establishment of an explicit structure reminiscent of Steins;Gate. The predecessor had CERN as the central enemy, while Robotics;Notes seems to paint NASA as so; if this follows the derivative structure, then we really shouldn’t see much from NASA [directly]. There are numerous structural developments that seem to insinuate a progression of future events, among those include the links between the solar flares and our characters. Allow me to explain; so far, we’ve been introduced to a few, prominent central characters. Among those include:

Junna Daitoku
Subaru Hidaka
Akiho Senomiya
Kaito Yashio
Mizuka Irei

and a more enigmatic Kou Kimijima

Junna Daitoku, which was the girl that accompanied Kaito on the so-called local, urban-legend exploration, blatantly dislikes robots.
Subaru Hidaka, known otherwise as Mr. Pleiades was introduced in an earlier episode; he’s become a recurrent character. We know that his father’s under the impression that he no longer works with robots.
Akiho Senomiya is our heroine; she, along with Kaito are victims of the Anemone-gou Incident.
Mizuka Irei is Misaki’s [Akiho’s sister] best friend. We know little about her besides her running of the shop, and her prosthetic legs.

In this episode, we were introduced to Kou Kimijima; little is known about him, but it’s not a large stretch to say that he’s the “John Titor” of Robotics;Notes.

Now, let’s refer back to our most previous introduction, Junna Daitoku. She’s not particularly fond of robots; this immediately begs the question as to why — with the introduction of Kou Kimijima, we’re offered a possible answer: one of the solar flares may have coerced a robot, or something similar, to commit something “scarring.” We can also apply this chance occurrence to the situations of Mizuka Irei [her need for prosthetic legs], and Subaru Hidaka’s initial “quitting” of robots [or so his father believes]. Even more than that, we could apply the enigmatic Anemone-gou incidents as possible “side effects” of the solar flare [if they were on the boat during the time, it could account for why he doesn’t blatant recall the chain of solar flares].

The solar flares occurred during the years of 2012, 2015, 2019, and 2020. The year is currently 2019. The most recent solar flare that he recalls [presumably] is from 2015 [“The ’15 Crash… they did say that computers around the world went haywire due to a solar flare…”; under the assumption that he does pragmatically recall the latest incident]. Given this sequencing of “accurate” solar flare predictions, we can assume that there are two solar flares that have yet to occur: the one in 2019 and in 2020. Since the year is currently 2019, we would assume for them to stop the closest one. Even more so, since the solar flare sequencing ends at 2020, we can assume that this “final” solar flare has catastrophic consequences in store [or in a subsequent following; at most, the years deviated by three years, but in this case, from 2019 -> 2020, it’s one].

The Anemone-gou Incident occurred when Kaito and Akiho were children; since we can assume their age to be around ~17, the 2012 solar flare [earliest one mentioned] would not line up with the incident. But, we do know that NASA knew of the inevitable catastrophe as early at 2000. Some time between them knowing, and the first solar flare, the incident occurred.

With the structure offered so far, we can assume for Akiho’s sister to be deeply integrated into the situation. She’s not as cold as she may seem; she has to have an ulterior reason for doing what she does, it would not make sense [logically] for her not to. Whether it’s to “save” the world, or to “destroy” the world, or even to “cure” her sister of her disease is unknown; but, she has to do what she does for a reason. Steins;Gate and Chaos;Head did not have linear, generic characters; I do not expect Robotics;Notes to deviate in this regard. Even with the introduction of Junna Daitoku, the typical shy heroine would be incredibly obnoxious — she’s clearly not.

As to the storyline elements, Robotics;Notes is getting progressively great. The reveal of Airi was paralleled with a surreal feeling [NASA being crafty; allusions to The Buzzer ]; it almost attenuated a sense of “science fiction” for a brief moment. It felt realistic in its renditions; it made for a great suspenseful reveal.

Concluding Thoughts

It’s a little difficult not to compare Robotics;Notes to its predecessors. I’m sure that Robotics;Notes will eventually disambiguate itself from them, but its structure is so inherently similar to Steins;Gate. My favorite aspect of Steins was the characters; I really liked them all, with the exception of Shining Finger [but nobody likes her]. I can feel a reminiscent aura from Robotics;Notes; it’s not a sense of “oh hey, they’re like the same characters”, it’s the recurrent sense of closeness between the friends. There’s this chemistry among them, a sense of familiarity; it makes Robotics;Notes stand out, and it made Steins;Gate fantastic.

Forgot to mention the anomaly of Robotics;Notes.

As we know, Steins;Gate revolved around time traveling; Chaos;Head, alternate realities — it doesn’t make a lot of sense for Robotics;Notes to revolve around something as physical as the ionosphere.

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