Little Busters!: The Reality That One Must Face

When it rains it pours

Well as expected of the climax of an arc the drama was there but the conclusion was satisfactory all while furthering concepts which are deeply rooted in the series


Suffice to say any one can tell that a key concept in this episode was escaping reality but the method itself could be looked at in different ways, Komari’s brother Takuya sought to protect his sister from pain by giving her the fabricated idea that what she was about to experience when seeing his death was nothing but a dream but at the same time as shown in his book one could say he simply wanted a temporary solution and didn’t expect it to be have lasting effects or rather he eventually believed she would be able to move on from it when she grew and was strong enough to remember the pain and bear it (which she eventually did).

But the center of the dream regardless was the pillar of pain that his death would create, it was the trigger for the dream to begin, so even if she forgot temporarily again and again about his death the pillar would remain, almost as the very dream like defense mechanism which was created for her was maintained by a structure of said pillar, which creates the irony of being defended by the very thing you are trying to protect yourself from. It deals with the idea of whether or not remembering is truly worth the pain because in this case if one does indeed not want to throw away such memories the options become limited and the price of pain can’t be delayed without consequences (such as repeated cycles of no progress as she experienced for a long time)

When something feels missing one tries their best to fill it firstly with the thing that took the original place or secondly as a compromise something that is very similiar, this can be said of many scenarios though it brings more question when it comes to people. Is it ok to replace someone with someone else? Most people would say no but at the same time most would understand why Komari felt the need to replace her brother with Riki, because while her brother is the pillar that repeats in her mind that it is all a dream it is also the very reason that she needs a brother in that so called dream because if she didn’t have one she would be having a nightmare or rather she would have to face reality and the fabricated defense would fall to pieces.

When the truth comes out though, it is clear as day that one must face it, denial is in poor taste because it shows the lack of ability to accept reality and thus the world we live in. To deny reality is to deny not only the bad things but the good as well because you are twisting such concepts into something that is more convenient, one will always affect the other and it also is at the same time saying the good things in your life aren’t good enough. While she was obviously filled with pain and thus likely overlooked such things she didn’t take in account what Riki made her realize at the end and that was she has things in her life which can bring her happiness, pain often dulls such ways of thinking because it blocks out optimism, but all the same the truth remains that by denying the reality of her brothers death she also denied the possibility of being truly happy, ending in a repetitive cycle that had nothing come from it and thus needed to end.

Needless to say the world can be cruel, well to correct myself, the world itself is neutral but we humans make it cruel. Natural disasters can cause all kinds of chaos, I’m sure New Orleans and even more recently New York can attest to this, but if one was to match it up with human disasters it wouldn’t even come close to comparing. In a world filled with individuality and separate ways of thinking, differing thoughts are bound to class and painful and sad things will come of this, however despair can be brought upon by disease or accident thus conflict is not always needed to trigger it, but conflict will surely arise from the cause of it. Its the ripple affect of death or rather despair in general, even if some handle it better than others it always affects people one way or another and in Komari’s case it put her life completely on standby, as she never truly could progress until she accepted her past and released the burden of denial that she placed on herself.

Thoughts such as “why did this happen to me” “what did i do wrong” and such usually come up in relation to painful events, and of course if the center of the pain is related to the life of a important person the “me” an “i” would obviously shift to said person, but as was mentioned in the episode and a heavy concept in this episode in general is acceptance. Its a well kept secret that humanity often overlooks as they live day to day and that is we aren’t getting out of life alive, while someone could say to me well duh, that’s common sense, i could say in turn that such common sense isn’t so common in times of pain, such things are forgotten or not cared for, because many times people are selfish by nature in relation to death, they want more time with the people they care while not realizing that by doing so they may as well be saying that what they gave wasn’t good enough, it can be a cruel way to look at it since pain from death is natural in itself but it holds truth in relation to the effort that people give to stay alive thus why death makes life so precious, because it simply doesn’t last.

If life were a story then events like these would be broken down into chapters, needless to say the repeated cycle of pain the death of her brother caused her was a testing moment in the story to say the least, but as long as one is alive the story goes on, it is only when our time is up that the story comes to an end, and pending any tragedies Komari has plenty of pages to write on. The problem is often not that people don’t realize that that life goes on but rather that they can’t turn the page, they can’t let go and don’t feel the desire to turn the next page in their life. Feelings like “i will never have it as good as i had it” come to mind but this of course is narrow minded or rather a in the moment way of thinking as no one can predict the future, the possibilities it holds is infinite, so when describing the untold next page only optimism should be held if one ever expects to truly move on from the page of despair that has restrained them.



Even thought this Komari’s arc and thus she was the center of attention, Riki got a great deal of development as he was truly able to relate to Komari and thus able to connect with her and thus help her. Riki lost both of his parents at a young age just as Komari lost her brother but unlike Komari he was able turn the next page because he got a helping hand in doing so, the Little Busters! which have been shown to be so important to him symbolize this turning page in his life, the bright chapter after a painful one, and thus his conveying of this message was the best way he could show Komari that she had things to look forward to because he himself was speaking from experience.

Concluding Thoughts

Very satisfying conclusion to the arc, it gave opening to a very known concept, one that is seen everyday in a unfortunate reality, and that is the acceptance of death, and the arc was executed very well, as it showed the down points and the feeling of despair while giving good transition to the good ending and the hope it brought, at the same time it also gave further connection to the meaning the Little Busters! holds not only for Riki but for all of them.

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3 Responses to Little Busters!: The Reality That One Must Face

  1. Magicflier says:

    Very nicely thought out and detailed, i enjoyed reading your review :D

  2. Yumekichi11 says:

    At best you should continue doing this. With the rules of MAL shit like this is not even able.

    Only problem so far with me while seeing it again is the end is too fast cramped up. It’s true now that I saw the light of it.

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