Little Busters!: Misplaced Judgement and Easy Verdicts

Got a Problem?

The series makes its transition into its next arc as the next member of the Little Busters! is recruited along with the drama her character brings.


What has shown to be a repeated game in attempt for humor was mostly taken at just that for most till now, some may have thought it got old and mundane while some may have enjoyed the little battles that have been shown several times, but this time a different perspective was given that holds a more realistic approach. That would be the the lack order the games create, generally speaking schools can be uptight, even in laid back schools there are rules as order is required to maintain a environment where learning can be maintained otherwise the very purpose of the facility becomes redundant and with that point in mind its quite obvious that those in charge of order are not in favor for that which makes their jobs harder. After all who likes working more? If everything is peaceful the job is granted to be much easier, if you have outbreaks in class and destruction of property its only natural that it will require more work to take care of the situation, the irritation this causes is a given.

That said though its fair enough to say that people can take things overboard sometimes, i mean who hasn’t had to deal with annoying teachers, the scenario should be looked at both ways though otherwise it just makes the offender narrow minded creating trains of thoughts like “i did nothing wrong” or “its not a big deal”, well the fact of the matter is you did do something wrong and judging how big of a deal it is ends up becoming the job of the very person you irritated in the first place, its like adding insult to injury. Like mentioned before though there is two sides, as those in charge should be realistic to how much order is to be expected, i won’t claim to be some expert on the norm of schools but judging from experience i can’t imagine a school where everyone follows the rules, one could say that the belief that all rules will be followed is naive, like the saying rules are meant to be broken, they should exist with the thought that they will indeed be broken thus the reason for disciplinary actions in the first place.

There exist many who wish for nothing more than peaceful quiet lives, if thought of negatively they could be called boring and if thought of positively they could be called composed and as to all things the exact opposite exists as well and that is those who seek irregularities to dull their boredom. Life can be said to be a road with many detours but that doesn’t mean those detours come when you want them to, so some put themselves in a place where they believe the chances of such events will be more likely and as a result relieve themselves of a dull life that they would rather avoid in favor of a life of eccentricities and unpredictable days.

As this is anime its obvious that one should not hold to much realistic expectation even in slice of life genres, and as a result things can be exaggerated or in some cases hold no attempt to be realistic at all, but of course this is the point of watching for entertainment anyway, and it doesn’t remove the believability that character development holds as potential, thus creating the better and more bland characters in anime. Now in reference to this episode would be pranks and actions of Haruka or better yet the extent of her supposed carefree nature. Now as i referred to before i can’t claim to be the all knowing reference on high school norms as each school is different but its safe to say that while pranks do exist in schools today not many transfer over to humor in anime thus the version of pranks that were performed instead.

While there do exist people who seek entertainment in the daily lives, and I’m certain anyone could say they know at least one of them, the reasons they seek such attention obviously holds different reason, some may have the simplistic view of just wanting to not feel bored and in other words anything other then their current boredom will match their desire and requires little thought other than changing their current standing and scenario. Others maintain deeper intentions based more on the insecurities in their character or perhaps the facades of what they may want to be thus putting up a eccentric front in other to fool others and more importantly themselves that they can act in such a way, as if it was natural all along, dealing with a previous held concept of wanting change or not wanting it. While the reasoning for Haruka’s character is clearly to early to determine the fact that one exists is something that is safe to guess based on the implications of her character which lack the consistency of just straight forward pranks, mostly represented by her reactions to Riki’s words.

There will always exist people who take the easy route in judging characters, this is a unfortunate reality but a truth that still exists, if one is pessimistic they could even make a case that most humans judge based on their own impressions without the care to actually understand the person in question. It is much easier to judge something wrong then understand something to be right, just as its much easier to blame someone then actually provide evidence on the proper verdict, like the lawyer concept of it doesn’t matter what you know, but instead what you can prove. Students obviously don’t require such professional thinking and instead they deal just fine with the belief of what they think is the truth, and in some cases some are so narrow minded they believe there way of thinking to be the only way. Its a arrogant view but arguably a very human one as well, as everyone likes to be right even if some value it more than others, to have the proper impression of someone means you have a good judge of character, not many like to admit that they were wrong and the unfair judgement of Haruka is no different.

Despite all of this however there does exist the concept of impression, like the old story of the kid who cried wolf, after previous lies no one believed him anymore when it was true. So in setting impressions Haruka did herself no favors, reasoning for such actions can be guessed if one expects the theme of sympathizing with Haruka to continue, but on that very note one may notice that in many of my reviews heck perhaps even all of them i make guesses or predictions based on implication or sometimes even my own gut feeling, the key difference though between guessing and judging is the basis of self doubt that you don’t believe you are wrong or right, its throwing up an idea and seeing what people think of it. This is similiar to a hypothesis for a scientists, one must experiment to see if such theories are valid but in the case of judging such steps are skipped all together thus the general ideal that judging people is in bad taste, following yet another legal idea of innocent until proven guilty, which just as with the previous reference is something that non professionals who live life casually have no obligation to follow as morality can only be measured so far and in their view they are doing nothing wrong.



The misunderstood trouble maker or at least that’s the impression, as reference before their are people who casually seek to find entertainment in life and others who seek to find attention for a reason, hers seems to be of the latter kind and thus provides potential drama and perhaps a set up and prelude to the area of focus for the remainder of this arc.


The uptight person who is disagreeable and appears to be hard to get along with, but also like referenced before she surely has her reasons, people don’t naturally become eccentric or stiff without cause, as the arc continues one can only hope that her way of judging is broken down otherwise it just comes off as unfair treatment and makes her character unlikable.

Concluding Thoughts

Well another episode and another member, it was a enjoyable beginning to what seems to be the new arc, all though judging from the preview it seems Kud will get a lot of time next episode so perhaps its not an arc? or perhaps a mixing of arcs instead? well whatever the case the development for Haruka was enjoyable as one can surely sympathize for those who are misunderstood as she appears to be.

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