Robotics;Notes: Patterns & Intrigue

Awesome translations.

An enjoyable episode. I’m beginning to warm up to Frau; she’s obnoxious, but she has a human side too. Her backstory adds onto the greater scheme of things [although a specific date of the final episode would have helped in further theorizing]. The translation indicates that she was particularly close to her mother; she addresses her as Mom, rather than as my mom — if this is the case, then she has the habit of coping with humor. This should be subsequently enunciated on a later episode. We see that the interactions among the group have become less acquaintance-like, and more friendly — Akiho’s character is accentuated as being caring, regardless of circumstance. She devoted a significant amount of time to rallying for, and supporting the building of her to-scale robot; when Subaru resigned, she didn’t treat him with the slight sense of bitterness. She protected his personal creation with her own body, even if Subaru’s nothing more than a classmate.

Airi commented that Kai visited the launch pad on an average of once every two days for the past nine years, often with one or two more people. It’s obvious that one of those who accompanies him would be Akiho, his childhood friend, but the other person remains a mystery. Since Airi gave a holistic view on his visiting, we would have to assume that it’s a character that Kai’s known for a long time; it can’t be one of the members of the Robotics Club [too new], and it can’t be Akiho’s sister [too old]. Given that he’s seventeen, he would have visited here recurrently since he was eight. With this, we can assume that it was after the Anemone incident.

The messages relayed to the PokeComs may have less ominous origins. They could simply be tests, rather than as specific messages. The ending also raised questions; one would assume for the bunch who showed up to be members of NASA, but this is Japan, and NASA’s American. The apparent head of the group was also a teenage girl, so it’s anomalous in any case.

Concluding Thoughts

Nothing concrete given this episode, just fun interaction. Robotics;Notes is actually developing relatively quickly. We’re seven episodes in, and we already have a decent staple of what should follow.

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2 Responses to Robotics;Notes: Patterns & Intrigue

  1. You didn’t catch that the character at the end is Nae from Steins;Gate, working for JAXA.

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