Little Busters!: Finding Stability

Best to be honest after all

Well while flying Rin set the tone for the laid back comedic mood, the developments were still present even if subtle and it paved for a realistic feeling that all humans have, and the one thing they want to avoid the most.


It was a small detail to say the least but since foreigners or rather the detail and conflicts of being foreign will appear as this review goes on i thought i should reference the baseball example shown in the episode. As many different nations view sports differently, a popular example would be the way Soccer or “Futbol” is called depending on nation where most of the world uses the latter while the Americans remain stubborn in their naming likely due to the fact that they already have another sport which is similiar in name. While it holds little to no relevance in the story (as of now anyway) the baseball example shows a bit of the difference in customs, not just because of the way they call it either but in cross cultural communication the way that they treat the sport may be different as well, the rules may always remain but the way the game is played is vastly different, such as seen in the vast difference between the NBA and European Basketball, to the point that basketball fans can almost call it a completely different game due to not only the skill difference but the style and way they approach how to play it.

As many know the nations of the world hold many different customs, languages and in general ways of living, this all revolves around the concept of cross cultural communication and the attempt to form bridges of understanding in the gaps of thinking which are created by the borders of nations. These borders intentional or not create friction, if American one not need look farther than the Mexican border which is often the cause of ill used jokes for Americans who treat it casually but in reality it causes international problem. This friction may appear to not exist in the lives of daily foreign students which obviously aren’t connected to the political aspect but this is not the case, as was shown in Kud’s case of not being able to properly fit in. The fact that she jumped around countries only multiplied the effect but for anyone who has moved they can surely relate that growing accustomed to a new area takes time, even more so if the new ground is foreign thus adding more things to adapt to and more compromises to be made.

When one thinks of the word stability, the obvious concept of being stable comes to mind surely instantly, however if one was to take a closer look they should realize that the word itself holds different meanings for each individual as while the word is universal its application is not, at least not for how and what people value as stability in their daily lives. For many family could be said to the first stable presence in ones life, pending any traumatic cases this is usually the norm, but as one grows that develops and extends into further relations thus settling in even more into what one may deem a comfortable lifestyle. While it may seem a little dramatic, moving can easily shatter such a process, its like resetting a game, or making you lose count, or even gruesome experience like losing data on your computer concerning Homework due the next day. Its a restart on all the progress you made, those who have the strength to maintain long distance relationships can be said to admirable because being realistic, or perhaps pessimistic, I’ll leave it to the reader to choose, long distance relationships almost never last, thus you start again with zero friends, and zero connections and next to nothing in terms of stability in lifestyle, repeating this process only multiples the affect until you feel you are living out of a traveling bag and your home feels more like a hotel.

While its a common trait it can be portrayed more often when nothing seems to go ones way and that is the feeling of inferiority, it is easy enough to understand the feeling of comparison, one begins to wonder things like “why can that person do what i can’t” and when answers like “its a matter of talent” come up, it can lead to depression because as much as hard work can improve someone, there are something that can never change and acceptance of such a reality can be a difficult blow because when you see someone living the easy life you often wish you had such relaxation in lifestyle as well, as more of than not those with talents and money are viewed to have a more comfortable and stable lifestyle. One should also see the other side which is actually fairly obvious in the case to anyone who watches a little news, and that is that talent, money, and status often lead to even more trouble because besides the fact that they are under a microscope the ego often leads to foolish mistakes and said microscope allows few things to go unnoticed in the public eye and to the very people who viewed said person with possible envy when they used comparison.

Its a unfortunate reality but as much as people stress friendliness in the business of tourism the fact of the matter is that nations in general are not kind to tourists, neither the people nor the businesses running them. Often times tourists are ripped off drastically, one not need look farther than theme parks, and more often than not snide remarks are made to those who fail to adapt, poor linguistic skills also cause conflict as the bridge of communication can’t even be attempted much less established.

People often wear masks in life, they use such facades to cover what others don’t want to see. People would usually assume that a serious facade can be used to give a cold expression in order to give a presence of steadiness which could very well be the opposite of the truth, but in fact there are many facades such as Haruka’s implied facade of a trouble maker and more times than not their are reasons people put on such masks in the first place, people in general can be very lazy though and unfortunately many times they don’t care to put the effort to understand why the mask was put on but instead view the mask for its appearance instead of being what it really is and that is a facade to a true self.

The seemingly uptight Kanata gave more implication that her character is nothing but a facade in her invitation to Kud, while one can say this was just momentary kindness there were several indications that she was monitoring Kud’s roommate search the entire time thus a sign of genuine concern despite her seemingly busy schedule, it also provides foreshadowing for future development and a possible connection to Haruka in a matter that was in a way left unresolved.



As this was her episode it was obvious that she gained more development and while that development may be progressed further on later, this sample development was more than enough indication that she is conscious of her foreign status and fears the loneliness that a foreign country brings her because of the lack of stability and presence of familiar faces that foreign grounds bring thus making her joining the Little Busters natural and seeking of a roommate perhaps even more as while club activities provide plenty of connection one could argue that someone you live with provides a connection of a different scale depending on the circumstances.


The Book girl character or at least that was her impression given by the avalanche of books which reminded me of Fullmetal Alchemist, and while giving connecting references based on impression she reminds me a lot of Nagato from Haruhi, based on her quiet nature and that she seems to always read books, based on the OP and general pattern it can be safely guessed that she will get her turn of development sooner or later.

Concluding Thoughts

A enjoyable episode, Kud is freaken cute so if anything giving her a episode was nice to see and the development in her character made her less one dimensional and gave her character substance to add to her already cute character.

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8 Responses to Little Busters!: Finding Stability

  1. Andmeuths says:

    Little Buster’s best episode yet, hands down. This WAS the writing and pacing quality they should have had right from the get-go, but better late than never. It was the first really engaging episode so far.

    • Well despite the strict viewing because of the VN, i have enjoyed the show overall thus far, because i believe that like with Clannad the serious drama will come later on, so these laid back developments don’t seem off to me, now as for what they are leaving out or the pacing i can’t really say, i can only note that as a anime only viewer it doesn’t remove the entertainment from watching the series. That said i did really enjoy this episode, Kud ftw :D

      • Andmeuths says:

        I wonder, if Kud was a blonde bombshell of Kurugaya’s height, but with the same personality and backstory, would she still be as likeable? Is it Kud the moeblob or Kud the character that is popular?

      • Its likely a mix of both, many times personalities mixed with appearances create popularity, so i guess the right balance of both? That said though i couldn’t picture Kud with Kurugaya’s height and being a blonde bombshell.

  2. Yumekichi11 says:

    The MOE WAS OVER 9000 and Noumi keep pushing the industry into new standards of it.

  3. Kenshin_sama says:

    Oh ya this episode was handled very well. Kud became my new top favorite female character after I finished the game and she’s just as great as I was hoping she would be in the anime. ^^

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