Age: 17

Hello, I’m MDZ. I’m the administrator and primary writer/editor on the blog. I’m focused around both efficiency and content; my episodic entries will not be immaculate [in terms of grammar], but they should be out fairly quickly. On the more cumulative, specific entries [that are not episodic], I pay a little more attention to my grammar and my word flow, but for the primary part, it should be easily coherent. I’m a high-school senior, and I write with a very specific writing style. It’s a mix of being both colloquial and pedantic; it is not written as such to accentuate a certain character, it’s simply how I write. I’m recurrently sarcastic, and I review series for the primary reason of enjoying them. I have an obsessive compulsion to collect the soundtracks of the series that I do play/watch [just look at my last.fm]; I don’t have a particular preference with what I do watch, as long as it’s enjoyable.


Age: 19

Hey everyone, well this is just a little bit of information about me. I’m a 19 year old American college student with Italian and Argentinean heritage. I have been watching anime for a few years now. I got hooked on it after I first saw the original Fullmetal Alchemist, then I proceeded to watch other shows like Trigun, Cowboy Bebop and others until I eventually became absorbed in them. My preferred anime genre would be Thriller [shows like Steins;Gate, Death Note, and Code Geass — all of which are included in my Top 5 anime, but I do like to spread out what I view]. My least favorite genre would be shoujo but there are some exceptions. I tend to prefer light novels over manga even though I only just started reading Light Novels. I do however keep up with all the manga that I currently read. If you have any questions for me feel free to ask, you can visit my MAL profile and leave a comment or just drop a comment here. Hope you all enjoy my reviews :D

*Mdz’s Anime Blog was founded during the December of 2011 as a mediocre blog revolving around pedantic summaries. It eventually transcended into being what it is today:  just as pedantic but with more substance.It was originally founded to revolve around, and to stroke the ego of the founder, MDZ, but after realizing that perhaps the world doesn’t cede its orbit to him, he decided to recruit a menagerie of new writers. Some of the proselytes quit writing due to external reasons [such as a busy lifestyle], while others quit due to more internal reasons [mental breakdowns, contemplations about suicide, etc.] Only a few truly write past one anime season; among those include MDZ, and his envoy of imaginary friends who do not exist because everybody has the inherent proclivity to quit.

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