Future Plans

Decided to establish an individual section to future plans [was previously homogenized with the index]. I’ll try to actually keep my word with these, incredibly lazy.

Seasonal Plans

These are the episodic reviews. I do episodic reviews differently depending on the show, as do my other writers. If the show’s a character-centric show, then I’ll write about character relationships; if it revolves around a storyline, then I’ll write about plot structure & prediction; if the show’s an ecchi harem, then I probably won’t write about it. These reviews are meant to be entertaining and insightful.

Winter 2012

Haganai S2 Episodic Reviews by InfiniteDestiny– Analysis on character interactions and developments from a light novel reader’s point of view.

Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru [OreShura] Episodic Reviews by InfiniteDestiny– Analysis on character, interaction, and developments from an anime-centric point of view.

Miscellaneous Plans

These are the nonepisodic reviews. These reviews tend to be a little more holistic of the series, rather than focused or centered around a specific portion. Examples of these include my “Why X is Bad” type of reviews.

Sword Art Online SAO/ALO Review by mdz: A review focused primarily on the SAO and ALO arcs of Sword Art Online. It’s not quite a banal reiteration of the series; it’s probably going to be a juxtaposing of what the anime did right, what it did bad, and what it could improve on. I’m planning a release shortly after the ALO arc ends.

Sword Art Online Character Analyses by mdz: Analyses on the integral relationships within Sword Art Online. If you keep up with my reviews, then this’ll be a cumulative reiteration. Nevertheless, Sword Art Online does contain a lot of integral interaction [most of it parallels with the structure of the show itself]. It’s easy to miss, so I’ll create an original composite of it. Will probably release around the same time as the SAO/ALO review.

Bakemonogatari/Nisemonogatari Character Analyses by mdz: Most people like Bakemonogatari in one way or another; I’m a character analysis type of guy, so it’s a little difficult for me to stay temperamental in a conversation revolving around the more flagrant parts of the ~gatari series [namely its ecchi]. With this analysis, I hope to fully enunciate the reasoning behind the developments that do occur. I’m a little foggy on the series, so I only remember the plain rudiments [which is still large enough for a review]. But, I do want a holistic, ridiculously accurate telling of the characters, so prior to doing this review, I’m going to read the novels and rewatch the series. I do hope to get this out before Nekomonogatari airs.

Muv-Luv Alternative [Visual Novel] Ending Analysis by intashrp & mdz. We currently have one, feasible theory, but we want to build alternate interpretations before settling on one. Will be out eventually [around xmas]. Reading a few books on the topic of Quantum Physics until then.

New Writers

We’re not exactly looking for, but we wouldn’t mind new writers. The only requirements would be coherent English. It would also be preferable to start at the beginning of a season. Contact me [mdz] via my MAL profile. Leave a comment, or send a PM. Somebody who writes for the blog would need to download their own episodes [to extract visible media], and to learn the rudiments of uploading and coding [for pretty text]. It’s simple, and I’ll guide you through it.


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