First Impressions: Zero no Tsukaima F (TV)

The only ecchi series I can tolerate.

Using Shin-GX as subs, probably switching to Crunchyroll next week.

Anyhow, the fourth season of Zero no Tsukaima. I normally avoid the ecchi genre, since they tend to be so pointless. There’s generally not love, there’s lust; there’s not storyline, there’s fighting. However, this isn’t the case with Zero no Tsukaima, although there’s constant jealous bickering, the love tends to be fairly obvious. The storyline isn’t the most original, in-depth, or innovative, but it flows and it’s relatively logical. There’s also a “feel” of adventure and fantasy in Zero no Tsukaima that’s just generally void in anime of this genre; it’s probably just blind fanboyism, but it’s there. Onto the episode.

First Impressions: Opening

The opening is once again by ICHIKO, she did the openings for the first three seasons. I do have to say that the opening generally match the series extremely well, it really gives the “knight rescues the princess” type of feel. The songs do tend to sound similar throughout the seasons; but it’s generally discernible. (Song’s name is “I’ll be there for you”)

First Impressions: Episode

The opening scene isn’t something exactly new. ZNT often tries to play off the romance as harem as times, with sudden shifts to the main girl, Louise. It’s fine this way, as long as the love is intact for the most part.

Anyhow, onto the storyline. It appears that Zero no Tsukaima takes place immediately after the third season; they’re heading off to Romalia. I’m not exactly sure how they’ll adapt this series; it’s impossible to remain faithful to the light novel within twelve episodes. I don’t really mind if they skew the actual storyline, as long as it flows, and as long as it doesn’t end with a harem ending.

A familiar faces emerges, he’s a Romalian priest, so it’s relatively evident that he should be there. I never really minded his character; sure he acts like an obstacle at times when it comes to the primary romance; but he’s a bro when it’s needed.

They arrive at the Pope’s temple. The Pope announces that the remaining known void magicians are Louise, yellow-haired elf with boobs, and himself. He prepositions them for aid in the quest to save the world.

Given that Louise readily accepts; Saito doesn’t seem the most eager. He assumed that she was going after the offer because she was love-struck, not because she genuinely wanted to save everybody.

After the meeting, the scene shifts to the dining hall. We’re introduced to the primary antagonists this episode; they’re appearing to plan a heist.

Shifts to the bedroom. They’re having a lover’s quarrel. It’s moments like this that ironically gives me the reassurance that Zero no Tsukaima won’t end with a “Fuck you, it’s a harem ending”.

After more bickering, Saito storms out of the room in a jealous rage. He heads off to Siesta’s room to rant.

It’s also moments like this; that doesn’t catalyze the urge to murder Siesta for being the irritating obstacle in a central-based romance between Saito and Louise. Needless to say, he realizes his mistake and rushes off to apologize.

This scene wasn’t exactly unpredictable. She tries to stop the thieves on her own, and ultimately she fails. Saito comes to aid her, it’s cliche, but it works.

Saito initially loses the battle with the thief; however with the aid of Louise; she nearly gets a double kill.

Doesn’t need much of a description; it’s a generic,predictable, yet great scene.

First Impressions: Ending
The ED wasn’t present in this episode.

First Impressions: Concluding Thoughts
I’ll stick with this regardless of how it goes. I’ve watched three seasons of this; and it’s inevitably one of my favorites. It’s one of the series that I can’t exactly justify through pure logic; it’s just one that I can’t help but enjoy. I really hoped that there was more than one final half-season to encapsulate the rest of the storyline (there’s enough light novels to easily fill three seasons); but we’ll see how it plays out, hopefully for the better.

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3 Responses to First Impressions: Zero no Tsukaima F (TV)

  1. chad001 says:

    It already split from the Light Novels. For one thing, Tiffa isn’t supposed to summon Saito for a LONG time after this (like, an arc or two), and also, her summoning of him is legit, as in, they were separated and he ported in, granting him some runes on his chest…

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