First Impressions: Nisemonogatari (TV)

The courage to edit my initial retarded comment.

Using HorribleSubs, will change when better ones come out. UTW isn’t doing subbing this till the blue-ray release so; I’ll probably use Commie, they’re reliable and fast. Anyhow, onto the episode.

Fucking love witty dialogue. It’s not a surprise that I enjoy shows like Spice and Wolf, Bakemonogatari, and Katanagatari the most. Seriously, minimal action, yet the words entail so much vivid description. Not a lot of action happens, so I’ll keep the screenshots and descriptions minimal, and I’m too much of a fanboy to make fun of one of my favorite series. The art is parallel to Bakemonogatari’s, it’s great. It allows the anime to exemplify the witty dialogue into something more intelligent than raunchy.


I really enjoyed this opening. It sounded a lot like “staple staple” initially, but it changed into its own. The art style is very Shaft-isque. Bakemonogatari had a separate opening for each arc, I’m assuming it’s the same for this season. The song’s name is “Futakotome” by Chiwa Saito. Not sure when the single releases, when it does, I’ll post in during an Ongoing Thoughts.

First Impressions: Episode

The episode begins with some bonding between Senjougahara and Aragagi. The characters in Bakemonogatari were great for the most part; especially the main characters. Senjougahara is my favorite female character, she’s just possesses so much wit and intellect. Koyomi is a great character too, probably up there with my favorites. He’s basically unique and eccentric, that’s awesome, he isn’t the typical high school boy, can’t exactly explain it, but it’s just so great. They tease each other incessantly, but the chemistry and love they share is relatively obvious for the most part, and that’s what matters. So basically six-minutes of witty dialogue and teasing featuring great characters; it’s totally worth a quarter of the episode, no sarcasm intended.

One of Aragagi’s sisters. Nisemonogatari should revolve around the sisters. They’re pretty likable, they’re not exactly the generic imouto type of character. Only time will tell I guess, more witty dialogue ensues, Aragagi heads out to meet an old friend.

On the way he gets sidetracked by Hachikuji, from the Mayoi Snail Arc. Borderline loli action ensues, followed by witty dialogue. However, it isn’t exactly baseless and raunchy fan service. It’s character development, as well as a reflection of symbolism I guess. They basically bicker about Aragagi’s dilemma on whether or not he should tell his sisters that he’s a vampire. Of course, a heartwarming conclusion is reached at the end of the episode, definitely not in the most conventional way. I’m such a Shaft fanboy.


Alludes to Ending by breaking fourth wall; no ending this episode. What a tease, the song’s by ClariS with lyrics by Supercell. I’m probably a ClariS fanboy too, I really enjoyed “Irony” by Oreimo and “Connect” from Madoka. Supercell is great too, they compose great songs (“My Dearest” from Guilty Crown and “Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari” from Bakemonogatari). The latter is extremely memorable, after it played at the end of that one episode, it just made the series. Well, I should probably stop fanboying Nisemonogatari for now.

First Impressions:Concluding Thoughts
Am I picking up this show this season? Kind of rhetorical.

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2 Responses to First Impressions: Nisemonogatari (TV)

  1. Kaevex says:

    This first episode was done very well, I like how they just kept everything as they should and didn’t try to change anything compared to Bakemonogatari. It’ll probably be one of the better/best anime this year for me.

    • mdlolz says:

      It was, the problem with Bakemonogatari was the great start, followed by a meh ending. I really do hope Nisemonogatari stays constantly “good”.

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